Questions & Empathy | A Practice for Growth

What does empathy mean to you?  How can the cultivation of more empathy strengthen your relationships through deeper understanding and connection to all that exists?

To me, empathy means to fully understand a person or experience through deep feeling, listening and embodiment of the given situation or circumstance.

I believe that empathy is a superpower.  Through empathy, we are able to truly understand the way we think and relate to the world around us.  It is by way of gentle awareness and self-observation that enables us to grow--shedding old belief systems, detoxing from judgment and releasing energy that no longer resonates with our ever-present clarity and radiance.  

About a month ago, I came across @wearesubrosa and instantly fell in love with their depth.  As a design and strategy agency, it was easy to see that they're doing things a lot differently than most.  It's actually very refreshing, because throughout my own career in marketing, I have always tried to lead with empathy, asking questions like, "How will this make people feel?" and "If I were on the other side of this deal, what would I want to achieve?". 

To provoke the application of empathy in relationships--both work and personal, Sub Rosa created a deck of 49 cards titled, "Questions & Empathy".  Once I saw it on their site, I instantly had to purchase.  Honestly, the deck is incredible--thoughtfully and artfully curated with the pure intention of deepening connection.

To further explore the role of empathy in my life, I will be pulling a card and answering questions triweekly--every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  I am excited to uncover the depths of my soul and invite you to join me!

With Gratitude,